How to mark a Microsoft Word document as Final to prevent changes?

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Have you ever thought of sharing a Microsoft Word document with someone? If so you may have come across an issue of securing your data from amendments. You may already know how to do overcome this issue. Anyway this article is for whom do not know this technique.

This option is called Mark as Final.


  • You should have Microsoft Word 2007 or later version installed in your PC.
  • A document created with contents.

Step 1#
Launch Microsoft Word Application and open the document.

Step 2#
Click on Office Button – Prepare – Mark as Final option

Figure 01
Figure 01

Step 3#
The following message will be displayed. Click on OK button to proceed.

Figure 02
Figure 02

Step 4#
Read the following screen which explains everything what we have done so far.

Figure 03
Figure 03

Hope you learned something new today. Try it out and post your comments or questions here.

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