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Being a computer geek since the pre-internet era is very huge. I have seen a world without the latest social media platforms exist in this modern era and even the Internet itself.

Lucky enough to taste legacy systems and technologies from Commodore PCs with Monochrome monitors and huge 8″ Floppy Disks, worked with Intel 808x family processors, coding with GW-BASIC and Q-Basic IDE, the evolution of MS-DOS Operating system to Windows 3.x with the first GUI capability, transforming from early Word Star word processor and Lotus 123 spreadsheet applications to powerful Microsoft office applications, and early xBase Database packages to modern DBMS are few to recall.

I have seen the evolution of the IT industry with various technologies for a few decades. The evolution of computer processors and motherboards by size and speed, the birth of JAVA, Linux and Cloud, growth and downfalls of software giants similar to IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, the emergence of Amazon and Alibaba marketplaces, to social media revolution with YouTube, Facebook to Twitter and more.

I Experienced in different technology verticals since the beginning, specializing in Databases, IT Service Management, IT Project Management, and ERP. Currently focusing mostly on Social Media, Apps, Web, E-Commerce, Cloud technologies, and ERP technologies and corporate training.

Empowering the community through our experience to achieve something in their life is a valuable goal in our life.

My goal is to fulfill this ambition through the triple-E effect (Empower, Educate, Engage). 

We learn so much from the community and it’s our responsibility to give back something in return [sharing] thinking this is my turn to serve the community [caring].

I invite you all to engage with this blog and Forum to serve the community with good intention.

Have a good day!

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